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Questions & Answers »

Q. Do I have to build a home right away?
A. When you build is entirely up to you.

Q. Do I have to build a certain size home? 
A. No, there is no minimum or maximum. You can build a 600 square foot studio, or a 6,000 square foot castle. We do ask for a certain type and color of metal roof to blend with the mountains behind your home. You are also asked to paint your home in earth tones to blend with the mountain sides.

Q. How long do I have to finish my home?
A. Plan on finishing your exterior within one year from the time you start. How long you take to finish your interior is entirely up to you.

Q. Can I hunt on Skokomish Farms land?
A. Due to safety factors and peaceful enjoyment of the Farms by your neighbors, there is no hunting allowed on Skokomish land. However, the National Forest is nearby, and is open to hunting during specific seasons. Our land becomes a wildlife refuge for our elk herd.

Q. Can I fish on the North Fork and Skokomish rivers?
A. Absolutely, as long as you follow Washington State regulations

Q, Can my family and I use the Skokomish Rivers for rafting?
A. Anytime you wish be our guest......!!!

Q, How can I really use the farm. 
A. You're not buying just 40 acres. You're buying into over 750 acres. The entire farm, except for your neighbors' homesites, are yours to wander. And Skokomish Farms
 is constantly changing during our four seasons.

Q, I've heard the Skokomish River is the most flooding river in the State.
A. Don't you just love the media! It's all hype. The Skokomish River is the first river to flood due to our closer proximity to the Pacific Ocean. Flooding occurs to a maximum height of 4 to 5 feet two to four times during the winter months only. Most all the rivers in western Washington flood during the winter some to over 10 feet. Our land has a slow 30 to 40 foot rise from the main river on our south boundary to our homesites on our north border. The flooding occurs only in our south fields well away from your homesite. The flooding also serves a real purpose by depositing rich silt and fine sand as the water moves through for 24 to 48 hours. Flooding for Skokomish Farms is a real blessing and not a curse.

Questions & Answers »

Q. Can I fence off my land?
A.Yes, you can fence your homesite. No barbed-wire please. The remainder of your land will be under an agriculture easement, and cannot be separated from adjoining parcels as these are farmed as one large farm, not small individual farms.

Q. I have dogs, is there a problem?
Not as long as the dogs are kept on your homesite, and not allowed to run loose. You can imagine the potential problem with livestock

Q. I have experience growing a special crop, but I need more acreage than just my homesite. Can I do that?
A. Yes, if you're willing to first make the crop available to the other homeowners at the same price you would charge others. The FOA can make extra acreage available to you on a long term basis by mutual agreement. You'll be asked to share a preagreed portion of your net profit with the FOA. This way your succesful operation will benefit all the owners. You would be a niche farmer under the umbrella of Skokomish Valley Farms, the farming entity.

Q.How far is National Forest from my land?
A. U.S. Forest Service land starts about one mile north of Skokomish Farms, and is accessible by trail. The Olympic Peninsula is like a giant checker board with every other section under Forest Service or the National Park Service control.

Q. How about Olympic National Park?
A. The Park starts about 13 air miles north of Skokomish Farms. A great trek by foot, horseback or automobile. No ATV's please. 

Q. Where can I put my boat into the Hood Canal?
A. The closest is Saltwater Park less than 6 miles from the Farms. Ownership is being transferred to the Skokomish Tribe, but will remain open for public use. Or there's a public ramp on Highway 106 about 6 miles east next to the Hood Canal Marina.

Q. How about medical facilities?
A. There are a myriad of hospitals, medical facilities, and specialists throughout the local area. Mason County has a well-equipped general hospital about 11 miles away. We're served by an excellent Emergency Service and even Life-Flite. The Puget Sound has some the best medical facilities in the U.S.

Q. If I need government help can I find it in the area?
A. Absolutely! Olympia, our State capitol, is only 30 miles south where you'll find not only all the State offices, but also many Federal offices.

Q. Taxes?
A. Washington has no personal income tax, so earn all you want.......! When it comes to your land you'll be taxed at the very low agricultural rate. When you build your home the county will split off your improvements with one to two acres. They then tax these improvements at an estimated .0175% of the market value. The remainder of your land will remain in the very low tax designation.

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