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The Way of Life »
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You are not buying just a piece of land; you are buying into an entire way of life in a 'village around a farm' in the  Skokomish Valley farming community. You're joining a sustainable farming operation.

We have created large and unique 40 acre farmsteads with a single home site on each parcel. You'll have a spacious home site to build whatever size home you wish. And to protect your investment the land can never be redivided.

Your home site in the Skokomish Valley opens onto more than 750 acres of organic farm land, which is permanently protecting your unobstructed view of the land, the Skokomish Rivers and the Olympic Mountains.

Our open space preservation ensures that nothing will ever be built in front of you.

You'll have the enjoyment, use, and protection of the adjoining agricultural preserves, riding trails, wildlife, salmon rivers, and forests. It's like having your own huge estate.

Your remaining 35+/- acres is placed under a conservation agricultural  easement combined with the acreages of other owners to form one of the larger natural farms in Washington State.

Under U.S. Department of Agriculture rules, all of Skokomish Farms can be certified organic by 2014 if we so wish. For the use of your agriculture acres, whether used or not, you'll receive a share of any profits each year.

And owners association dues will be kept to a minimum. We have already arranged for you to share in an estimated $15,000 from the USDA for rental of buffers along the stream banks. This Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) will continue benefitting you and an owners for 10 more years. At the same time this program is protecting the streambanks and the salmon.

The Benefits »
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We have created a Farm Owners Association, "FOA," of which you'll be a member. The FOA works with our farm management team. Your land is protected by the Farms' "Charter," similar to covenants and conditions, which you have likely encountered before. This Charter will protect you and your investment in your land and home.

In phase I, east of the North Fork River, your children can enjoy the Skip-a-Rock picnic area where they can 'run away' for the night while never leaving the Farms.

There are several  trails for your riding and walking enjoyment. We provide nature trails through the woods and along the riverways, offering quiet walks for you to enjoy the life around the land and rivers.

You and your family can take advantage of the several swimming holes around Skokomish Farms. Or spend the day by rafting or float tube on our two branches of the Skokomish River.

If you're feeling really ambitious, pack up your gear and hike into the Olympic Mountains starting on the north boundary. You'll cross Green Diamond timberland into the Olympic National Forest, then reach Olympic National Park. Allow more than one day......

Your access road to your home is built to private road standards, slightly narrower to preserve the farm atmosphere and its rural character. We include the latest connections in electronics, so you'll have high-speed Internet capability, enjoy high definition television, and complete cell-phone coverage.

     You and your family will grow even more in a free, open lifestyle, learning and living on our working sustainable farm at the very edge of the Olympic Mountains.

The Cost »
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The cost of your 40 acres starts at just $275,000.

And what is the real cost of .a secure place to live for you and your family?

If you're not ready to build immediately, we'll finance your investment up to 15 years with a minimum down payment of 10%. And qualifying with us is really easy and quick. No lengthy waiting period for loan processing.

Any time you wish, you may pay off the balance without penalty. You'll also receive a 10% discount off your purchase if you pay cash. If you're a a veteran use your VA benefits to build your home with your land purchase, and buy with no down payment whatsoever.

Your land is your best personal investment. As the U.S. food supply becomes more limited and more expensive, you'll be enjoying your own abundant, healthy local produce.

Whether you help farm or not, you'll still have ready access to fresh, nutritious, naturally grown food at farm prices through our own CSA, (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

And if you'd really like to get involved, you can establish your own business by taking over parts of the retail operations whether it's a local Farmers' Market or even the Market Place at Pike Street in Seattle. And there are over 100 farmer markets in the Puget Sound region. Or dream up a use for farm products which you can market via the markets or internet. You'll buy your farm products at wholesale, and pay for them after they're sold......that's a low overhead business! 

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