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The Architect »
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So, you're ready to build your home at the Farms. We'd love to help you in an advisory capacity. Roger Richert, one of the original Richert Ranch family, is an architect certified by the American Institute of Architects, and is available for consulting and designing.

Roger and his staff would love to help you plan your family's home. He has a definite advantage as he was born and grew up on this land.

Or, you're welcome to use your own architect if you so wish. You may have your own ideas about a home that's environmentally friendly. And we can help you. We know the guru's in the alternative energy business, and we'll be happy to introduce you.

Plan to include a hookup for a generator in case of a power failure, and an interior sprinkler system for full fire protection.

Living rurally is easy as long as you're prepared, and we're happy to help you.

Planning your home »
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When you're first thinking about your home, work with our Design Review  Committee. You'll glean all the information you need about soils, weather, and other factors that may affect your building plans. And your home designer will greatly appreciate all the information.

It's very important that you review the architectural conditions in our Farm's Charter before you begin. Your architect will want these as well. We've designed the conditions to help you arrive at that perfect farm home you're dreaming about.

We'd like to encourage you to build "green," and use the innovative techniques to insure that your home is "environmentally friendly."

Rather than the standard old septic system, you might include a state-of-the-art waste disposal system that produces clean water. And is just slightly more expensive than the standard septic systems.

Skokomish Farms has substantial water rights, part of which can be used for domestic purposes. We're in the planning stage now about how best to use these vast water resources.

The Porch »
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May we suggest an old-fashioned screen porch, especially for sleeping? If that's not an experience you've already enjoyed, make sure your family builds that wonderful memory.

During the day, your porch is the ideal place for lazy reading, maybe snacking, or just laid-back snoozing.

During the summers you'll hear crickets and tree frogs; in the spring and fall you'll experience the sound of rain on the porch roof. In the winter months, you can bundle under the covers, and enjoy the frosty weather on the meadows outside.

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