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The Endangered »
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As owners of your land in Skokomish Farms, we all collectively bear the great responsibility of protecting the several endangered species of salmon that use the Skokomish River and its tributaries across the Farms.

The South and North Forks, together with the main Skokomish River bordering and bisecting the Farms, are host to four salmonid species, including Coho, Chum, Chinook, and Steelhead. All four are considered endangered species. Reintroduction of Sockeye salmon is scheduled in the near future. The rivers also have two species of cutthroat trout, one being the sea-run cutthroat.

Just above where the North Fork enters Skokomish Farms, the narrow canyon creates updrafts where you can watch young bald eagles enjoying the updrafts for hours when they're not seeking salmon. 

You'll also find the eagles in the trees along the rivers waiting patiently for a salmon dinner. One day we counted more than 20 eagles in two trees.

The Solution »
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As an owner at Skokomish Farms, you'll find yourself working with the Skokomish Water Shed Action Team (SWAT), the Wilderness Society, the Fish & Wildlife Departments of Washington State, U.S. Fish & Wildlife, the U.S. Forest Service, and several other organizations.

These active groups all work to enhance the fisheries habitat of these rivers. All have a stake in improving the restoration of the South Fork and North Fork of the Skokomish Rivers.

You can help us apply for grants for streambank restoration and fisheries protection; add planting for shade habitat along the waterways insuring that fish passages are not impeded as the salmon return from the Pacific Ocean to spawn each year.

The solution, of course, is to give constant attention to the river courses, the forests and the fields that contribute to the well-being of all wildlife species that live at Farms.

This is why we call Skokomish Farms an environmental development...........we're so much more than just a sustainable farm!

You are an integral part of this unique 'village around a farm.'

The Fishing & Wildlife »
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For you who are sportsmen owners, these Skokomish Rivers offer superb fishing whether spinning, bait, and don't forget fly-fishing.

If you relish lake fishing, wander the few miles up to Lake Cushman, whose Olympic Mountain waters feed the North Fork. Here you'll find outstanding fishing from June through August on this pristine 4,000 acre lake with towering Mt. Skokomish as a mighty backdrop. There are also many other lakes within a short distance.

Skokomish Farms also plays host to many wildlife species. You'll see deer moving in and out of the forest edges; watch otters playing in the rivers; and find elk grazing in our pastures. This spring we have over 70 head feeding on fresh grass in our south and west meadows. 

You'll hear coyotes in the early evening, and maybe even spot the rare black bear or cougar.

At Skokomish Farms you'll truly  become "a steward of the land."

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