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Grow Greener »
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"Growing greener" is not just a catch phrase in the Puget Sound region. It's an actual way of living better; of being careful of what you and your family eat; of being concerned about the effect of herbicides and pesticides; of moving towards a healthier lifestyle......that's what living on a sustainable farm is all about.....

You'll enjoy abundant healthy organic and natural produce year-round. We plan to cross-pasture grass-fed livestock, and to raise field crops. In the winter some crops will be grown in greenhouses. Skokomish Farms will become a truly sustainable farm.

We're carefully moving Skokomish Farms from it's past as a hay farm into the growing of organic crops for you, your family, and the consumer market. The crops will be grown naturally. Some will have a certified organic status..

Skokomish Farms is a environmental community comprised of eightteen 40 acres parcels. Each 40 acre parcel will have a five +/- acre homesite. The remaining 35 acres will be under a perpetual conservation farm easement.

Each of these 35 acre parcels combine to form the whole 630 acre organic farm to be managed by the farm manager appointed by the FOA. In turn the farm manager will hire folks who are specialists in particular agricultural areas. .

The Land »
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This land is precious as Skokomish Farms has some of the best soils on the Olympic Peninsula. We're blessed with rich silt and sandy loam soils over deep small gravel for great drainage with very little, if any, clay.

You'll be able to earn and/or purchase part of the crops grown for your own use. The accessibility to purchasing naturally grown crops at cost is your right whether you actively participate in the growing process or not..........participation in the farming is entirely your choice.

If you do participate in the farming, you'll help select the crops. You'll mentally, physically, and spiritually participate in the growing process.

You'll share from the rewards and profits gained in the distribution and sale of crops that you may have helped plant, grow, and harvest.

Think many times in your life have you had the opportunity to help grow the food you and your family eat each day. We know you and your family will greatly benefit by leading a healthier lifestyle


The Experience »
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Do you have to have farming experience......................???

If you say, "no," don't be concerned. The farming operation is entirely separate from your homesite, and managed by the farm management team.

You and your family can voluntarily participate in the process under the farm manager's direction. Imagine the fun all of you can have learning the agriculture business. We promise you, it will be very exciting..............!.

Do you have to actively participate in the farming? Again, not at all. You can enjoy your five +/- acre homesite however you wish, and still have access to buy naturally grown crops through our Community Supported Agriculture program. Plus you'll still receive a share of any profits resulting from the sale of crops to consumers in the Puget Sound region. We don't know what those profits will be yet as we're dealing with agricultural commodities. So plan on buying your land as a personal investment, not as a profit maker.

Whatever strategy you choose, you can modify your position from year-to-year as you wish. Whatever path you decide to follow each year.we believe you'll win!!!

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