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The Links »
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Links for lots of information regarding organic living:

Where to find a healthier life and lives
across America   

As they readily admit "The Best of the Alternative Press"  

The Environmental Magazine

A world wide network of helping people share more sustainable ways of living.

University of Vermont
Check out their Organic Farm Plan.

Tilth Producers of Washington
500 members committed to Ecologically Sound Farming Practices. 

Cascade Harvest Coalition focused on the preservation and revitalization of the food and farm system in western Washington.  

University of Nebraska's Center for Applied Rural Innovation  

The future of Green Materials in Construction  

The Sustainable Forestry Initiative dedicated improving forest practices & promoting responsible procurement globally. Look for SFI labels on wood and paper products.  

Washington State University's small farms team.

The Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) Outreach Program

Primarily California focused, but Interesting

Find your favorite books, like 'Blessed Unrest' by Paul Hawken, and 'In Defense of Food' by Michael Pollan for reasonable used book prices at or

How to Contact us

For our complete information package please email us at

and we'll send you the Farm Plan, Charter, current prices, and list of unsold parcels.

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And more links:

An excellent resource for the beginner, and what you can expect from Ethan and Becca Book's first time farming experience at

The grandmother of all back-to-the-land magazines

American Farmland Trust, a great organization to join & support......we belong and so should you at

An informative magazine for taking care of your own land, and not just on a smaller scale either....

A more hard-core philosophical magazine for  "intelligent optimists"

To learn more about what Skokomish Farms is all about look at The Stockman Grass Farmer at

Small Farmer's Journal is our favorite of the giant tabloid size quarterly magazines. No website here, so contact Lynn Miller, Small Farmer's Journal, P.O. Box 1627, Sisters, OR 97759 or call him at 800-876-2893 Anna's Bay Center for Music. For your cultural pursuits. This organization under talented Matthew Melendez Blegen has a chorale producing such programs as Mozart Requiem and recently the boulevard of baroquen dreams. Their muscial productions throughout the year greatly add to the culture of the Hood Canal.  

And there's a wealth of cultural resources, colleges and universities all less than 60 miles of Skokomish Farms. We also encourage to take advantage of the many agricultural workshops in the Puget Sound region.


The Contacts »
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For complete information, you can contact us in several ways anytime. We're looking forward to meeting you:


Telephone: 800 942-5363

P.O. Box 639
Union, WA 98592


And still more links:

When it comes to building your home at Skokomish Farms we will recommend good local builders to construct your home. 

And if you believe in  the 'woo-woo' world contact Meaghan O'Leary at She's a superb shaman, and gives excellent readings. 

To tour our Hood Canal country go to You'll learn all about the country around Skokomish Farms, places to stay and places to eat.

If you want to learn more about this area go the Shelton Chamber of Commerce at For general information on this area of the Puget Sound visit www.explorehoodcanal,.com.

 And don't forget our Skokomish Farms newsletter which we publish every two or three months, and as time allows.. It's yours absolutely free by contacting us via email or just call us at 800 942-5363. Our 2 to 4 page newsletter will bring you up-to-date on farm activities, and a host of information regarding green living, environmental issues, agriculture, etc.   


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