Can Ducks Eat Kiwi?

Yes. You can give Kiwi to ducks to eat. But this may be inconsistent with your reality when feeding ducks. Here’s what you should know. Ducks are not all the same and don’t act the same way. Some ducks may squeal with delight when they see Kiwi in their bowl and rush to enjoy it, while some may dislike it.

Either way, Kiwi is safe for ducks to eat, and it’s not expected to do them any harm. So why not feed some to your ducks?

What Is Kiwi, And What Is The Health Benefits?

You may know it to be Chinese gooseberry. Kiwi, as it’s fondly called, hails from China. It was named Kiwi after the Australian national bird that bears the same name. This fruit is packed with nutrients and is flavor-dense. 

Below are the health benefits of incorporating Kiwi into the diet of ducks.

  1. Boosts immunity

Bumblefoot is one of the common diseases widespread among ducks, especially when their immunity is low. You can boost their immunity by letting them feed on Kiwi, which is rich in vitamins that are rich in vitamins C and K, which have been confirmed for healing wounds and enhancing blood clotting.

  1. Reduced oxidative stress

Kiwis are rich in antioxidants which help to displace oxidative stress from the impact of free radicals, which seek to damage tissues and cause the outbreak of diseases in ducks.

  1. Digestive efficiency

Fruits are naturally rich in dietary fiber, and that goes for Kiwis. This means that serving Kiwi to ducks would aid their digestion, making it easier for the ducks to retain moisture in the body and also great for controlling constipation and diarrhea.

  1. Boosts reproductive health

Adding Kiwi to your ducks’ diet also helps with their reproduction. Occasionally, ducks may face the problem of laying eggs with no shell or a thin shell. Kiwi contains vitamin C, which efficiently supplements egg shells’ strength.

How Often Should Ducks Eat Kiwi?

Although Kiwi is particularly rich in vitamins and has a moderate amount of carbohydrates, it cannot stand as ducks’ main diet because of its negligible amount of protein. Ducks need plenty of protein for average growth and development. Therefore, the frequency should be about once or twice a week.

Is It Safe For Ducklings To Eat Kiwi?

Yes. Baby ducks will benefit from feeding on Kiwi. For instance, Kiwi has a significant amount of vitamin C and K, which helps to control infections, heal wounds and ensure the formation of healthy bone. At their early stage, ducklings would need nutrient-dense feeds to ensure they grow healthy, and adding Kiwi to their diet makes this possible.

Therefore, consider supplementing their main diet with Kiwi to boost their health and prevent ailments.

Can Ducks Eat Kiwi Juice?

Yes. But you have to be sure that the kiwi juice is free of toxic additives to ducks. Since knowing which additive is harmful might be challenging, you are better off serving them all-natural kiwi juice free of preservatives.

If they do not react to the juice, you can feed it to them occasionally. If they react to it, stop feeding them altogether.

Can Ducks Eat Kiwi Leaves

Naturally, ducks are omnivores, so that they wouldn’t have a problem with plants. If you are going to feed them kiwi leaves, make sure you rinse with clean water to remove dirt and other substances that may be harmful to the ducks.

Chop into smaller pieces to enhance feeding and place them in their feeders. You can make it more appealing for them by mixing it with other plants to make a salad. They should have no problem gobbling it up.

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Can Ducks Eat Raw Kiwi?

Yes. Your ducks should be excited with Kiwi in its raw form. You can make it easier for them to eat by rinsing and chopping it into smaller pieces. After that, they should absolutely gobble it up.

Can I Feed Ducks Kiwi Skin And Seeds?

Yes. It’s okay for ducks to eat the skin and seeds of Kiwi. This is because these parts of Kiwi have significant nutrients that satisfy the needs of Kiwis. For instance, it contains vitamin K and dietary fiber, which enhances digestive efficiency. 

How To Feed Kiwi To Ducks

Suppose you are going to serve ducks with Kiwi. Do it right. They may find it overwhelming if it’s your first time serving these fruits to ducks. So, make things easier for them by rinsing the fruit and chopping it into smaller pieces to facilitate pecking.

You can also mix it with other staple items they are already too used to, so it’s easier for them to eat it—one more thing. But, don’t overdose them with Kiwi, and it can leave a fatal blow to their excellent health.


You should know that ducks display different behavior. Still, one thing is sure — even if the ducks show distaste for eating Kiwi, they are healthy and capable of meeting their nutrition needs, so you may have to condition them into liking it.

So, can ducks eat Kiwi? The answer is yes. Is it safe for them? Yes. So, go ahead and add Kiwi to their diet. Your ducks should enjoy it.

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