Can Ducks Eat Asparagus? | A Must Read For Duck Rearers

Ducks are just like us; they’re omnivores. Hence, they are capable of enjoying diverse food classes, from animals and plants to processed food items for humans. For instance, contrary to what many feel, it’s okay for ducks to enjoy bread, burger, and peas. Unfortunately, this means ducks need our help to access some food items they can’t easily access.

If you have ducks as pets or livestock, you may want to augment their diet with essential nutrients for their growth and development. Having heard about the nutritional benefits of asparagus, you may be tempted to want to feed some to your ducks. But first, here’s what you should ask yourself, can ducks eat asparagus?

Can Ducks Eat Asparagus?

Yes, ducks can eat asparagus. They are natural foragers, and there’s almost nothing they cannot eat. In addition, asparagus is closer in classification to aquatic plants like lily and is rich in essential nutrients like vitamin B6, iron, magnesium, and dietary fiber, among others. Hence, it’s good for their nutrition. Nonetheless, you must be careful with how much asparagus you make available to your duck   — too much of it, and the flavor of the ducks’ eggs will be affected.

It doesn’t end here. Your ducks won’t eat from their plate of asparagus if you don’t serve them properly. In such instances, feeding ducks asparagus may come off as a hassle but don’t you fret, ducks are social animals, and sometimes they enjoy acting like a spoilt child. Right below is a detailed guide on feeding asparagus to ducks so they can maximize the nutrients it affords them.

How To Feed Asparagus To Ducks

How should you serve asparagus to your ducks? Raw or cooked? Either is fine, but the ducks will struggle to peck at asparagus if it’s in its raw form. So, make things easier by chopping them into smaller pieces. This makes asparagus more appealing to ducks, and they’ll find it easier to consume by swallowing since their bill does not allow chewing. They’ll also rush at it if it’s served boiled without adding seasoning or flavor.

If your ducks show reluctance towards asparagus, you can make it easier for them by mixing it with their regular meals. For example, think of making a salad that contains other veggies they love to eat. 

Now that you know it’s okay to feed asparagus to ducks, let’s find out about their health benefits.

The 3 Top Health Benefits Of Feeding Asparagus To Ducks

Contains essential nutrients

While it’s rich in essential nutrients, asparagus is low in calorie content. This promotes healthy weight gain in ducks and helps prevent the risk of being obese.

As per the experts at WebMD, asparagus is packed with many nutrients   — it’s rich in folic acid, potassium, fiber, thiamin, and vitamins A, B6, and C. Folic acid helps in the maintenance of healthy cells. In addition, the vitamins enhance the immune system and help the blood clot properly. 

Contains antioxidants

Anti-oxidants are necessary for promoting a healthy body system, and asparagus are rich in antioxidants like vitamins E, C, and glutathione. Therefore, feeding asparagus to ducks reinforces their immunity against oxidative stress, which may bring about the breakdown of healthy cells and inflammation, among other diseases.

Promotes digestive health

Digestive problems often lead to the death of poultry birds, but you can keep your ducks healthy by incorporating asparagus into their diet. Asparagus is rich in digestive fibers, which aid the proper health of the digestive tract.

Can Ducklings Eat Asparagus?

It’s okay for ducklings to be fed with asparagus. However, you must first keep them on chick crumbs for four weeks after birth. Then, introduce them to a regulated ration of asparagus after their fourth week. Then increase the quantity as they age.

Can Ducks Feed On The Bottom Part Of Asparagus?

Yes. But it offers close to zero benefits, so it’s much more helpful not to feed this part of asparagus to them in the first place. Cut it off. Feed the stems and stalks to them instead. Ducks like it better this way.

Can Ducks Eat Frozen Asparagus?

Yes. Frozen asparagus is too hard for ducks. This is because their mouth organ is not suitable for chewing. Hence, it’d be best to first defrost it before serving them.

Can Ducks Eat Canned Or Pickled Asparagus?

No. You shouldn’t feed either canned or pickled asparagus to ducks. This is because pickled asparagus contain too much salt like other pickled foods—ditto for canned asparagus. Too much salt is bad for ducks. In extreme cases, it leads to death by salt overdose but commonly, it results in weight gain, which may put too much strain on their legs.

Should Spoiled Asparagus Be Fed To Ducks?

Ducks can handle spoiled foods, but it’s not safe for them, and too much of it can cause death or a disease outbreak that is too expensive to control. Hence, it’s better not to feed anything spoiled to them.

What Happens When Ducks Overeat Asparagus?

Too much asparagus in your ducks’ diet, and their eggs won’t have that intense chicken egg taste. The taste will be affected by the excess asparagus in their diet. 


Ducks can survive on many things, and asparagus is one of them. If you are not serving it raw, ensure it’s boiled and not sauteed. If they don’t like it at first, you can condition them into doing so by mixing it with food items they’re already used to.

You also want to be careful with how often you feed asparagus to the ducks. Too much of it is terrible. It may lead to a loss of appetite for other feeds that can supplement the low-calorie content of asparagus. Another thing is the risk of dehydration which can happen due to diarrhea. Because of the excess water content in asparagus, too much can lead to diarrhea in ducks, potentially leading to kidney problems.

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